Essay On Spain The History

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There were traces of Christian and Jewish communities during the Islamic rule.

However, the Islamic rulers restricted building of new churches and synagogues.

Arabs were present in the country from 711 to 1492.

Spain had been under various rulers; the Arabs and Moors of al-Andalus (Norman 80-90).

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The war itself did not necessarily last as long as others in history, arguably less than, spanning only a few months between April to August.

The primary cause of the war itself was the state of anger in Cuba, whose citizens were calling for independence from the rule of the Spanish (Spain).

While there were many Spanish deaths in this battle, only an estimated three hundred eighty to four hundred Americans died. As a result, the Treaty of Paris was signed and put into action, Cuba was given its independence, and Spain lost a vast majority of its power.

Due to its geographical location, the country was subjected to numerous experiences, which affected the culture of the Spaniards.


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