Essay On Unrest Among Students

Why have educationists, philosophers, psychologists, social reformers, etc.not bothered so much about the ways of the old people and why have efforts to improve the lot of the old fallen flat?

Education has no relevance at all with the professions that graduates take up.

The wastage in terms of money, time and energy spent in education is flabbergasting.

Many in the Western countries have taken to opium, marijuana and other drugs, whereas only a few have felt appeasement in spirituality.

The spiritual journey is taken under the guidance of spiritual heads who themselves have not attained that stage of divine bliss wherein Godliness, with all its eternality, gets magnified into the soul.

Parents cannot manage their incorrigible children as the children claim independence and freedom for everything.

The 'Western ways' have become their way of life which has led them to discard ethical values.are caused by an aimless, directionless and a mad race run by the young generation throughout the world.Education has failed in developing a global personality of the educated.To make matters worse, education has, on the contrary, stimulated the appetite for material pleasures and as a consequence, the aesthetic values and the rich cultural heritage are mortgaged.Many a youth have gone berserk and many have sought peace in wrong corners.Today, the government responded by blocking 16 social media sites in the region, including Facebook and Twitter.A beard-and-mustache battle in Los Angeles, a sleepy young rhino in France, a shepherd among Turkish foothills, the Corso Zundert flower parade in the Netherlands, the “Futurium” in Berlin, and much more An orphaned lion cub in Turkey, wildfires in Bolivia, a performance by Lizzo in New Jersey, a mudflat horse race in Germany, bog snorkeling in Wales, the Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship in Utah, and much more.Anti-government protests have escalated again in Indian-administered Kashmir, following violent clashes earlier this month.On April 9, an election was held for a parliamentary seat, but voter turnout was only 7 percent.Values have changed for them and with the increase in their vulnerability to general deterioration in all spheres of their lives, the young world faces a vertical collapse.Educational centers throughout the world have not only failed to produce civilized people but they have, on the contrary, multiplied many social evils causing irreparable loss to the governments and the society at large.


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