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The amateur seeks knowledge, expertise, better results and the prestige of being recognized for their work.

One of the main differences between the amateur and professional is that one is recognized and rewarded for their work, and the other is yet to gain acclaim.

The professional photographer is known for his great technical skills that allow him to grasp the secret of excellent photography.

When a photographer is still at the stage of hobby, his camera works randomly to make discoveries.

Determining the difference between the professional photographer and amateur photographer is a subject matter that has been discussed by many writers who have set the standards for each.

However, I dismiss those that support and praise the professional while ignoring the fact that they have taken photos in the beginning of their career that were dazzling, and that they would not surpass in later stages of their photography quest.

I've never been formally taught, but rather trial and experiment were my teachers.

Started researching various sites and books that gave me a better understanding of how a digital photo is taken and began to apply it to my photography.

I've never had a someone who interested me in photography,but i've always had an interest in it.

Ever since i was capable to hold a camera i have been taking pictures. I remember constantly pestering my father to go to the store so they would print out my photos, even though most of the pictures were completely blurry or over exposed. I went from those disposable cameras to lots of point and shoot cameras, to Polaroid cameras to my beautiful 35mm film pentax, and now i have a dslr k200d on its way in the mail. it doesn't matter to me if I'm bad or great at it, it makes me happy and that is all that matters to me.


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