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I mean, you can pretty much argue that too much of anything is eventually detrimental to health.

Anyway, too much TV leads to a sedentary, inactive lifestyle. It keeps people inside as opposed to outdoors, which is generally considered healthier.

Hmm, kind of like sitting in front of a computer typing on message boards, but that's beside the point.

TV often makes light of violence and sexual themes too. I think the biggest negative effect is the impact it has on social development.

Those children who have been bought up without tvs tend to be better readers, writers and spellers because they resort to reading for entertainment.

This also improves their general knowledge because books tend to be more factual than the television programmes watched by children.

The second point is especially outlined by those who don’t want to live in a “conformist world”, where televisions decide what to believe and think.

Oppositely, there are countless TV shows with an educational purpose, a deep, lecturing message and sometimes both.


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