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It is the quintessence of any sport, honesty and rivalry; remove it, and what’s left is not even worth spectator’s attention.Doping is an illegal way to enhance an athlete’s performance and achieve exemplary heights. The use of doping can reduce the quintessence of all sports.

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Athletes forget, that even if stimulators provide better physical shape, they also restrain physiological reactions that protect the organism from overexertion.

There were over 30 lethal outcomes caused by doping in 1960’s (Schwartz, 2012).

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I was really tied to time, that is why I needed badly to get some help.There are also some compounds that should be limited even if they are used for therapeutic purposes: alcohol (tinctures with ethyl alcohol), marijuana and preparations for local anesthesia (Schwartz, 2012).Despite all the doping controls and prohibitions, nothing can prevent athletes from using these drugs.There is a search for a miracle drug that can allegedly, in the shortest term, boost performance to the record level.In fact, sport achievements for the last two decades have led physiological capability of the body to the threshold level (Leigh-Smith, 2003).The answer is: intense trainings, dedication to sport and honesty.Regular spectators and TV viewers expect to see transparent results and fair competition.The second problem deals with reducing of doping production and encouraging athletes to perform honestly.A life-time ban would probably eliminate the use of doping, but as long as athletes are determined to win, nothing can stop them.According to the definition of the International Olympic Committee, doping is the injection of pharmacological preparations into the organism of athletes in different ways (with the help of syringes, pills, or inhalations) that artificially enhances working capacity and sport results (WADA, 2014).Besides, doping includes various manipulations of biological fluids for the same purpose.


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