Essential Elements Of A Business Plan

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How do other solutions in the market fail to alleviate that problem, thus creating a major need for my product?

Once you’ve thoroughly explained the problem you’re setting out to solve, it’s time to tell investors how your product/service solves that problem beautifully.

If you’re in tech, are you trying to build the next Nest?

If you’re in food and beverage, are you aiming to be the next Chipotle?

A quick explanation of the one or two key problems and/or trends your product/service addresses, and how it translates to a big opportunity for your company (and investors).

Highlight a few of the biggest accomplishments that you have achieved and describe how those accomplishments lay the groundwork for what’s to come.

Outline the next objectives or milestones that you hope to meet and what it means for the growth of your company.

What is the scope or “big picture vision” of the business you are trying to build?

The goal here is less about describing how your product or service actually works (you’ll get to that in the “How It Works” section later) than it is about communicating how your solution connects back directly to the problem that you just described.

Key questions to consider: While your problem and solution statements help set the stage and provide readers with insight into why you’re starting this company in the first place, clearly defining your market will allow you to call attention to the trends and industry conditions that demonstrate why now is the time for your company to succeed.


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