Euripides Bacchae Essay

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Pentheus and Dionysus are symbols for these different forces in the play.

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he argues that we need to take seriously the current transvaluation of cultural values.

An orientation to the future is giving way to an immersion in the present; individual existence is replaced by affiliation with the group (the postmodern tribe); there is a wide-spread fascination w with religiosity, mysticism, myth, the supernatural (the ‘New Age’) as well as with violence, excess, and the glamour of self-destruction, whether simulated or real.

This approach to the play stresses the fact that Thebes has lost touch with those irrational energizing unconscious powers of life and, in Agave’s and Pentheus’ refusal to acknowledge the divinity of Dionysus, created a situation where these powers (which cannot be forever denied) simply break out with disastrous consequences.

If that doesn’t carry an explicit moral, at least it serves as a cautionary tale.” [on the other hand] ” …

Euripides’ The Bacchae Order Description The requirement is “Complete either option 1 or 2, not both: Option 1: Ian Johnston (it is his translation of The Bacchae used in this lesson) offers a short interpretive summary of the play.

Euripides Bacchae Essay

Read this summary, here: An Introductory Note to Euripides Bacchae.One major symbol in the play is wisdom, which takes many different forms in the play.There is Pentheus' wisdom, of which he believes he is the ultimate source of wisdom.Wisdom and recklessness, the unknown and the exotic, the foreign and the divine, the battle between the sexes, and civilization versus nature and hunting are some of the opposing themes and symbols seen throughout the play.These themes all lead to one major underlying theory being that to be infinite, one must be subservient to the Gods, if your are not, consequences will lead to one being finite.Critics of the first persuasion cite the undeniable fact that the chorus, which traditionally functions as the upholder of moral values and as the mouthpiece of social standards, aligns itself with Dionysus and supports his attempt to introduce his cult into Thebes.Another follower of the god-man is Tiresias, the familiar blind prophet of Greek...Rather than drawing on the Romantic poets or renegade philosophers, as their precursors did in the 1960s, contemporary artists are more likely to employ ideas from genetics, cybernetics, chaos theory, or astrophysics.Michel Maffesoli develops a diagnosis of the present that draws on the earlier arguments of The Shadow of Dionysus, The Time of the Tribes, and other works…Do you have experience or knowledge of a form of contemporary culture that draws on the Dionysian spirit?How does it relate to the qualities of the Dionysian, as developed in The Bacchae and the interpretation offered in the lesson notes?


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