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While living in New York City, she discovered the Congress of Racial Equality, or CORE, on a visit to Harlem, and became an active member.Since then, she started a business representing European designers in the United States, and she now works as a wardrobe consultant for executive women.But the organization Natives Photograph, which has highlighted 21 indigenous photographers, is contesting these false depictions.

See more Sebastian Villegas trekked over 120 miles by boat, mule and foot through mountain grasslands and muddy jungles to photograph the lives of people who had been cut off from the rest of Colombia over decades of armed conflict between the Colombian government and rebel groups. Lange’s photograph of Florence Owens Thompson has intrigued academics and photographers for decades.

But a new book shines fresh light on the portrait’s little-explored details.

The journalist and photographer Eric Etheridge has tracked down visual and oral histories of the courageous men and women known as the Freedom Riders in the 1960s, portraying these individuals not as dehumanized icons of criminality but as exemplary citizens.

See more Photographer Tailyr Irvine says photos of Native Americans are usually based on stereotypes that she calls the four D’s — drumming, dancing, drinking and death.

High school students in LA used photography to explore immigration in their communities.

Sophisticated uses of media allow for combinations of photographs, texts, and infographics (including interactive formats), a less static form of photo essay. Because photography touches most everything, our topics have been far-ranging — from the environment, cyberbullying and immigration to race, gender and class.We have written about famed photographers like Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks and Diane Arbus as well as emerging image makers like Citlali Fabián, Fethi Sahraoui, Daniel Edwards and Mengwen Cao.A photo essay will often show pictures in deep emotional stages.Photo essays range from purely photographic works to photographs with captions or small comments to full text essays illustrated with photographs.Photo essays have been around for a long time ~ they are a series of photos, sometimes with captions, descriptive and/or explanatory text.Usually photo essays illustrate something that is more immediately knowable through an image, often by evoking an emotional response, but often also by showing.Each chapter of the book features a portrait of a family, photographed alongside a week’s worth of groceries.There are many images of families food shopping, cooking and eating, but the primary images are staged ~ the family in the background, and the food they eat in the foreground.spent a day with a family of 14, dove into photo archives that reveal what Toronto used to look like, and interviewed a photographer who shot Donald Trump (and enjoyed it! We talked to artists, curators, chefs, shutterbugs and one crane operator about the stories behind their paintings, sketches, tattoos and pictures.Here, a look back at our most popular photo essays of 2017.


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