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The essay should be approximately 500-750 words on a specific subject, changing every other year.Entrants will be judged on grammar, style, and how clearly they present the theme – which should showcase creativity, imagination and overall development of the topic.

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famously provides that, in order to be valid, a private express trust must demonstrate the so-called ‘three certainties’ – only then will a court recognise the trust as binding in equity, and so enforce its terms in order to provide for a beneficiary.

A Higher Purpose Encourage youth in your community to become citizens grounded in their faith through creative writing.

Open to all Catholic students (public, private, home, or parochial schools) in grades 8 to 12 during the current school year.And antagonist Malagant is over-the-top and commonplace, wielding constant grimaces and sneers at every turn – as if viewers might accidentally mistake him for the hero.The inimitable Sean Connery is always a fine actor, but here his role is unable to impart anything but predictability.Please note that Guide Sheets, Press Releases, etc. irst Knight” is in the same vein as Kevin Costner’s take on Robin Hood (“Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” [1991]) – both are attempts to depict medieval adventures with too much romance and not enough swashbuckling.His cheekiness and playful flirting paints quite the timorous, insincere warrior.Guinevere’s character similarly suffers from the writing, which, within the first few scenes, designates her as an impossibly kind leader and a generic storybook heroine.To complicate matters further, Guinevere reflects on fond memories of Arthur from her childhood, while Lancelot decides to join the Knights of the Round Table to be closer to his newfound love.And as the cunning Malagant continues to destroy nearby villages, recapture Guinevere, and wage war against the castle stronghold itself, the love triangle between Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot begins to pose serious problems for the entire kingdom.Also unfortunate for “First Knight” is its release date just after the extreme superiority of “Braveheart.” King Arthur of Camelot (Sean Connery) returns home to enjoy some peace brought about by the conclusion of warring.But just as the former chaos appears to have finally settled down, Prince Malagant (Ben Cross) breaks away from the Knights of the Round Table to begin his own conquest of the outlying towns neighboring the powerful city of Camelot.


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