Free Homework Chart

It’s customizable, so you can add different classes or subjects, and even has plenty of space for extracurriculars.

If you need a little boost to get the school year started, print out a few of these and help your kiddo get to work! Begin with the week’s dates at the top, and fill in all school subjects along the left hand side.

You may also need to download Adobe Reader (see below chart).

You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to print the charts.

As the week progresses, have your child write each assignment in the corresponding box.

Once the assignment has been done, there’s a check box to mark off so they know it’s completed at a glance.If you have students who do not do homework on a regular basis you can suggest to their parents that they use a homework chart (or even print one for them) to help provide them with a useful tool that might encourage your student to do homework.Print out this chart and hang it near your child’s desk or somewhere even more accessible like on the fridge. Some children find it better to relate to the term “study time”. Studying is something that you have to do whether you have homework or not.These charts are also very suitable for teenagers who need to study and not necessarily only do homework.These charts will help them plan their study time to ensure that they don’t need to cram before exams.Write a list of subjects in the top line and each time your complete your homework in that subject mark the chart. If you find that your child relates better to study time than homework time you might want to change your terminology.This chart will track your homework for the entire school week (from Monday to Friday). The following charts are titled “Study Charts” instead of “Homework Charts” for those who prefer to refer to this time as study time instead of homework time.If there’s no homework in a certain subject, write “None.” Step 3: Fill in any extra boxes as you see fit—those are a great place for extracurriculars like music, sports, and so on.Step 4: If you child has required reading, fill in that column with minutes or materials read.In order to print, open the downloaded file, and select the "Print" option.If the free printables do not interest you, perhaps one of these other options are more appealing...


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