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It is written in the present tense so maybe about someone, helps give emphasis to the poem.

Love doesn’t change when hard situations come around. “Brief Hours and Weeks” and “Edge of Doom” = Love is eternal so time cannot put boundaries on it.

Step 1: Write ‘Both’ statements about the anthology poems Get students to write as many ‘Both statements’ as they can about any of the poems they have studied.

They might link poems because of their message, tone, perspectives, ideas about conflict, ideas about power or even poetic devices.

Step 2: Flip the statements into questions Get students to take 3-5 ‘Both’ statements and flip them into questions in which one of the poems is named e.g.

Compare the ways poets the power of nature in ‘Storm on the Island’ and in one other poem from ‘Power and Conflict’.Both ‘Ozymandias’ and ‘My Last Duchess’ present the arrogance of men with power.Both ‘Ozymandias’ and ‘London’ criticising ruling powers.The more the merrier and you will sometimes end up with some pretty interesting connections as students rise to the challenge of writing as many as they can!Both ‘Storm on the Island’ and ‘Exposure’ show the power of nature.From a C to an A.' 'thank you for making a difference' '...we've had outstanding results the last few years...We've a lot to thank you for.' '..can distil topics in such a succinct and structured style that is both accessible and academically rigorous.' Thanks soo much!! It's composed of several web pages that provide updated help for your English and English Literature GCSEs and i GCSEs. It's an educational website, written by an experienced English teacher.Step 4: Set the relay timer up Now it’s over to the students to plan in 5 minutes. I’d normally do one after the other in pretty quick succession so students can learn very quickly where they need to speed up in the process – by the third or fourth plan they ought to have learnt from mistakes earlier on.


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