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As listening to music can not only calm you down but lead to a more thorough studying session.It elevates your mood and motivates you to stay focused for longer durations.Music with words can be distracting to some writers, causing them to pay more attention to the lyrics than they are to the creative process. by Johann Sebastian Bach gets numerous nods from researchers when it comes to heightening concentration and productivity.

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The first thing I do when I sit down to write is put on my headphones. Environment is the number one factor determining how my writing session will go.

So what type of music improves your concentration and focus the most?

Various studies have been undertaken over the years on music and focus, particularly when it comes to writing (and also, studying), and researchers have found that music sans lyrics is the most effective at keeping you on task and churning out meaningful words.

It would be nice if silence could help me concentrate, but I’m far too ADD for that. That perfect blend of background beat and foreground focus only those little white earbuds can provide.

So if you’re in the mood to hunker down and get some words out, I’ve got you covered. Pandora Spotify Soundcloud Apple Music You Tube Ready to feel like a way classier writer than you really are?I really don't recommend using music that can be repeated nonstop.Yes, it varies from person to person whether they’d like music during essay writing or not.Many students have also reported it as the best studying genre for essay writing.· Instrumental: Many people prefer having instrumental music in the background as any music with lyrics clash with their thoughts in mind.It also allows students to be more creative and think more clearly.Don't go with Ravel’s Bolero or Pachelbel’s Canon.It will lead to long, drawn out phrases and a certain repetition of information over and over again.Here are my picks of music which fits best for .· Electronic Music: Why not?Electronic music is the most chill out and emotional music which can elevate your mood quickly. These will let you stay focused however listening to it for a long duration may distract you from focusing on the task at hand.However, electronic music, with its ambient notes and repetitive beats, and Baroque-period classical music, with its harmonic chords, are thought by researchers to be the best at releasing the inner Stephen King or G. But don’t worry, we have a writer-approved playlist to help you focus and unleash your creativity.White noise is also worth a mention for breaking the boredom of silence that weighs down some writers.


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