Graphing Homework

Make it interactive by letting your students research by polling their classmates! Be sure to review how to read a bar graph and pictograph with help from this handy worksheet.Challenge your young mathematician to read the graphs and answer some questions.Other times, a bare-bones chart can tell your story much more effectively than words.

DPlot lets you display presentation-quality graphs in a number of graph types that are simply not available in Excel, including polar charts, triangle plots, Mercator projections, and grain size distributions.

These graphs support the work of students in every field of study, from computer science to music.

If you're working on science projects, history tasks, or any educational work, DPlot can help you illustrate specific functions and formulas effectively.

DPlot can enhance your reports, term papers, and ordinary homework assignments.

Our second grade graphing and data worksheets help guide your little learners on exciting quests for knowledge!

As your students begin these second grade graphing and data worksheets, they will investigate interesting questions, gather information, and display it using pie charts, bar graphs, Venn diagrams, and more.

Some of your fellow-students and teachers learn well from your verbal presentations.

Others can grasp numerical and technical data more quickly if they see it displayed graphically.

And you can generate a new curve that is a function of one or more existing curves with Y=f(X, Y1, Y2,...). while you are at it, if you want a simple and easy to use graphing program, may I suggest DPlot, which I also use.

It's a trial, and registration is cheap, and it has paid for itself many times over.


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