Great Thesis Statements For Frankenstein

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There are just about as many different types of papers you could write about it too.

Your options include an argumentative essay, compare and contrast essay, literary analysis, or a character analysis, among others I can’t possibly cover every topic and essay type here, but I have included 10 topics to help you get started on your essay.

Today's audiences often think of Frankenstein's monster as a bungling cartoon, but he is more complex than any cartoon character, and unlike a comic book, "Frankenstein" invites serious observations about the dark side of the human condition.

If you want to write a piece of literary criticism on "Frankenstein," many facets of the story offer themselves as rich material around which to develop a thesis.

If you paid attention to our topics, you can get a perfect theme for your essay, or even research paper or term paper.

If you don’t even have a hint on how to write your paper, check out our blog for guides that describe how to write different types of papers in detail.“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” —Mary Shelley If you’re a math major enrolled in a required literature course, the painful and sudden change you might be experiencing right now is the fact that you have to write a paper about . Whether you’re a math major struggling through an English course or a lit major happy to analyze any piece of literature the prof throws your way, I have 10 interesting topics to help inspire your Frankenstein is a decent-sized novel, so there are about a gazillion different topics you could write about.You could write about the genre, characters, writing style, themes, symbols, and/or imagery.You might take a position on who is worse, the monster or his creator.Consider which of them is more a monster or whether they both are monsters.Related to this, you could develop a thesis that answers whether the monster, Frankenstein, Caroline, Elizabeth and other characters are symbols of human nature.Mary Shelley wrote "Frankenstein" as a Gothic novel during the Romantic period, during which the natural world was revered.I’ve divided the topics into three categories—characters, themes, and literary devices.I’ve also included a few essay ideas and links to example essays for added inspiration. Throughout the novel, readers see Frankenstein’s character develop from mad scientist (who plays God by creating life) to a broken man, full of guilt for creating such a monster.You will need to look past the superficial and consider each character from different angles, the physical and the spiritual among them.You will also have to set criteria to define inner and outer beauty and use it to make a comparison of each character.


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