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Track owners and trainers pushed back, saying the dogs were well cared for and would not race if they were unhealthy or neglected.

As I mentioned, greyhounds tend to passively cope with situations that they dislike (stand still and hope the scary thing goes away) rather than actively making a fuss.

In some ways, this is what makes them “good” racing dogs – they don’t complain very much.

They carry the physical and psychological scars from their former lives, which can make it challenging for them to settle into life as a companion.

Often they have poor dog skills, an inability to regulate their own excitement levels when outside the home, and are fearful of the everyday experiences they encounter as a companion dog.

In their view, the greyhounds were mistreated, subjected to harsh living conditions, then retired with broken bones.

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On Tuesday, voters overwhelmingly backed a measure that set greyhound lovers scrambling in a new direction: finding new homes for thousands of dogs with no clear future.But we cannot say that this will be true of a whole breed.What also concerns me about suggesting that these dogs are good with children is the information being used to make that assessment.A spokesperson for the charity said: We believe these figures disguise a life of suffering and a deplorable end for many of these dogs who are simply born to be raced.It’s time greyhound racing was consigned to the ranks of cruel sports that are no longer acceptable. It’s a gambling industry and the dogs are its commodities.(Good luck trying to handle a German Shepherd into a racing trap…) Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily happy safe.It just makes us more complacent about the situations we put them in.The Be A Tree Project, for example, is dedicated to teaching children how to effectively read dog body language to keep them safe.And it’s true to say that some dogs will enjoy the company of children – others less so.Amendment 13, which proposed banning racing by the end of 2020 and hardened the battle lines between greyhound track owners and animal advocates, passed with 69 percent of the vote.The industry has long been criticized as abusive to the dogs.


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