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More...spire - In Old English, it meant "stalk" or "stem." More...stalk - In a car, the flexible arm holding the mounting by which a seatbelt is secured.

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They are instructed to check over their work before handing in an assignment or a test, and shown some acronyms or ways to chunk their work to improve their recall.

Some students are very successful at implementing these skills.

Along with the other free graphic organizers I've posted here on Daily Teaching Tools, there are now 85 available altogether.

Hola Mohalla is a three-day Sikh festival celebrated in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab, India, on the day after Holi, the colorful water-tossing springtime festival.

If you are a regular visitor to Daily Teaching Tools, you may have noticed that two of the last three pages I've added to this site along with this new page, have been devoted entirely to graphic organizers.

The free ones I'm offering on this page focus entirely on studying and analyzing.

stipe - A stalk or stem of a seaweed, fungus, or fern frond.

More...cranberry - First crane berry, so named because the plant grows on a stalk that looks like a crane's neck.

The content of the mathematics standards supports the following five goals for students: becoming mathematical problem solvers, communicating mathematically, reasoning mathematically, making mathematical connections and using mathematical representations to model and interpret practical situations.

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