Homework Is Good For Students

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Cooper’s analysis focused on how homework impacts academic achievement—test scores, for example.

His report noted that homework is also thought to improve study habits, attitudes toward school, self-discipline, inquisitiveness and independent problem solving skills,” From kindergarten to the final years of high school, research suggests that some students are getting excessive amounts of homework.

These high school students are dealing with increasingly high levels of homework—spending almost twice the amount of time on homework than is recommended.

Reports have shown that doing more than 120 minutes of homework a night can result in stress, physical health problems, general lack of balance, and feelings of alienation.

It’s important to remember that homework isn’t all bad.

In fact, it can be very valuable—it teaches students good study habits and time management.

In turn, when students are pushed to handle what’s out of sync with their development level, it can lead to significant stress- for children and their parents,” While a little homework may be beneficial, a huge amount just stresses us kids out.

We can only be kids for so long, so we need to play, relax, and love life before our childhood slips from our fingers. It then leaves time for kids to enjoy the life put in front of them.

And since it’s important for young people to have a balance between school and play, spending too much time on homework can lead to students resenting school and losing interest and motivation.

Studies have also shown that too much homework can be very unhealthy, making students feel stressed and burnt out.


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