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Everywhere has ketchup, mustard, and usually a ‘hot sauce’ that tastes like vinegar, but no sriracha. They decided to look online to purchase a product that would allow them to carry their sriracha with them. But they knew there must be some sort of simple solution for the masses—something that would change the life of every spicy food lover forever. A highly portable bottle that would compliment the widely known Huy Fong Sriracha Sauce.In this customer spotlight, we dig in to the process behind manufacturing a unique product, getting featured on massive online blogs, as well as the pains along the way of building Sriracha2Go. The primary challenge was finding a factory that could make our product using PET plastic that is food grade and BPA free.

There were a couple times we had a Chinese-speaking friend of ours join Skype calls to play translator for us.

We spent five days there meeting with our factory and distributor and had a translator present the entire time.

We initially promoted our business through friends, family, and social marketing.

But every time they went out to eat together, they realized that one thing was always missing—the special ingredient for —sriracha.

As popular and widely loved as sriracha is, so many restaurants still don’t carry it.


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