How To Write Divorce Papers

The sealed documents will be stamped with the hearing date and location.

You will need to print the PDF file to serve on your spouse.

Fill in the Proof of Service forms (in the Divorce Service Kit).

If your spouse has signed the Acknowledgement of Service (Divorce) you will also need to complete an Affidavit Proving Signature (Divorce).

If you applied for divorce on the Commonwealth Courts Portal, you will receive an email with a link to a PDF attachment of the sealed divorce documents.

The sealed documents are also available as a PDF on the Portal in your electronic file.

The Sheriff and professional process servers will charge a fee to serve your spouse.

They will need an address and a description or photograph of your spouse.

If you want to serve the divorce documents in a different way, you will have to ask the court for special permission by filling in an Application in a Case and an affidavit to seek an Order for Substituted Service or Dispensation of Service (see page 3 of this factsheet).

Unless you have a special Service Order, you must serve on your spouse: No. Even if your spouse refuses to sign any documents, the court can grant a divorce order.


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