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Goal of this Assignment: Demonstrate knowledge of basic HTML programming and an understanding of system design and implementation.

Specifics: Your Web page must contain NO hyperlinks to any other page, on or off site.

Then, when you insert the words into a story, it yields a crazy result, because the choices were made without any idea of what the story would be.

Here are screenshots of a Mad Libs page, both before and after a user has filled out the form and clicked the button: Your task will be to create a similar webpage to interactively play the Mad Libs game.

Test that your page works properly by repeating the scenarios shown in the screencast or other values you have calculated by hand.

with new content, which should be some information about the courses that you took this year. You can write whatever you like, but it must be valid, well-formatted HTML code to receive full credit (read the section below on coding style), and it must include these specific elements: directory on the server, and check the URL for your page to be sure all your files loaded correctly. (If you cannot see it, we cannot see it and we cannot grade it.

Your lines should be of a reasonable length, so that you don't get a horizontal scroll bar when you view the source of your page using a web browser.

The way to avoid this is to put key when the line starts getting too long.

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Html Web page creation using: Topics like External CSS style sheets, Web page building blocks, Working with Web files & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex html & web page application problems.


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