Is Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark Essay

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Hamlet lives with a sense of inherited right, perhaps divine right, to avenge his father and restore order in Denmark and learns that he must grow to make his own decisions." O cursed spite, That I was born to set it right." (Act 1, Scene 5, Line 195)Corruption is evident from the outset with Barnardo and Francisco on the battlements, watching for an attack from neighboring Norway.In these first few lines we feel the 'sick' and corrupt atmosphere in the state." Francisco: …'tis bitter cold, And I am sick at heart."(Act 1, Scene 1, Line 8)'Bitter' and 'sick', symbolise the grotesque corrupt court.

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Through Horatio the audience hears the real Prince of Denmark ordering both Horatio and Marcellus to 'swear' on oath six times, symbolising the loss of trust within the state.

Such is the anxiety caused by the loss of the old feudal order, gone with the death of the old king.

This may be the only translation that we have of these flowers, but they can be read in different ways.

I have included all to show the possible entire meaning of these small passages from Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

(Shakespeare 1.5.34-40) Hamlet is now aware that Claudius, brother of the former King of Denmark, poisoned Hamlet’s father in order to usurp him and claim the crown for himself.

Hamlet’s father instructs Hamlet: Let not the royal bed of Denmark be A couch for luxury and damnèd incest.But howsoever though pursuest this act, Taint not thy mind.(Shakespeare 1.5.82-85) By the Ghost asking Hamlet to, “[r]evenge his foul and there is an obvious impossibility of murdering Claudius within these morals.Examining and analyzing every thought and action he makes, Hamlet demonstrates that he has complete control over his heart and mind throughout The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.Unable to speak freely before Queen Gertrude and Ophelia, Hamlet exaggerates his emotional turmoil so that these two women will soften life Now wears his crown.Hamlet is the only constant character who defies decay, degeneration and maintains his integrity until the end.Hamlet, faced by corruption everywhere, enters the play a boy but exits a man.Hamlet decides his own destiny and is not corrupted, either by Denmark or his corrupt uncle.His resolution is clear from the beginning until his end - to restore order in Denmark.The largest party of Denmark is the Social Democratic party, which was founded in 1871; it has a membership of about 100,000.Other governing parties include Conservative does remain morally and socially responsible, because he does what is right for his father and for his country.


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