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At the request of several colleagues, he wrote his own constitutional blueprint, , which was used as a working model by constitution-makers in several states.Later, in 1779, Adams drafted the Massachusetts Constitution, which was the most sophisticated constitution produced during the Revolutionary era, and, as Mc Cullough reminds us, is the "oldest functioning written constitution in the world."Adams's greatest moment in Congress came in the summer of 1776.

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After twice serving as vice-president under George Washington, the American people elevated Adams to the presidency in 1796.

His greatest accomplishment as president was to navigate the nation through the political storm known as the "Quasi-War." In what Mc Cullough calls the "bravest" act of his political career, Adams (consulting no one) incurred the wrath of Republicans and his own Federalist party by sending a peace mission to France.

Shortly after the battles at Lexington and Concord, Adams began to argue that it was time for the colonies to declare independence and to constitutionalize the powers, rights, and responsibilities of self-government.

In May 1776, following Adams's leadership, Congress advised the various colonial assemblies to draft constitutions and construct new governments.

n July 4th, 1826, 50 years to the day after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died.

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From his deathbed, Adams whispered those famous last words: "Thomas Jefferson survives."Literally speaking, he was mistaken. In another sense, though, he was right: the Jefferson legacy continued to live and prosper, while Adams's reputation, figuratively speaking, died an ignominious death.

Shunned by aristocratic old-world diplomats, Adams worked tirelessly, employing what he called "militia diplomacy"; he raced back and forth between Paris and The Hague, breaking all the rules of diplomatic etiquette, and pounding on doors until he was listened to.

Eventually, he succeeded in convincing the Dutch Republic to recognize American independence in 1782—and he negotiated critical loans with Amsterdam bankers.

Zooming to the top of the bestseller list, Mc Cullough has done for Adams what Adams was never able to do for himself—make him popular!

Mc Cullough's thesis is as simple as it now seems undeniable: No one, not even George Washington, did so much for the cause of American independence as John Adams.


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