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Some of those qualities are kindness, willingness and bravery.In Macbeth there are many characters in positions of power that may or may not withhold the qualities of a good leader.William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is the tragic tale of a man corrupted by power and greed whose world comes falling down around him. Through the Weird Sisters and his own thoughts, a growing desire for power prevents Macbeth from being a successful leader.

They cannot be bias because they have to be able to make decisions without favouring one side of the story and ultimately prosecuting the wrong person or side.

A successful leader has to be determined, they have to set out to accomplish a goal and not give up no matter what obstacles may be waiting.

He ran his country very well and when he was in power he had a very successful reign.

Duncan moulded his army to fight well and to defend their country.

Loyalty is another key point to being a superior leader; a leader has to be loyal to his or her country.

Beyond those a leader must be caring, motivational and supportive.

This relates to modern times because leaders today who gain power over totalitarian governments or inherit power through their relatives are inevitably harsher and more tyrannical rulers than those who get elected as leaders.

Many leaders from all over the world are showing modern day parallels to Macbeth by gaining and keeping power through rigged elections and by executing or intimidating the opposition. ..steps down or, the civilians of the country take action and overthrow the government just like many people have done in the past.

They embody bravery, resoluteness, and strength—quintessential attributes of good leaders.

This is exactly the sort of leader Shakespeare gives us at the beginning of At the start of Act 1, Macbeth, a Scottish nobleman and field general, has just defeated a rebellion, with Macbeth himself slaying one of the rebels and putting his head on a pike.


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