Mahatma Gandhi Essay

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These trials, tribulations and travails helped him a lot to ponder hard on the matter and to turn towards God for light, guidance and help.

This process of deep introspection and prayer, soon transformed him into a determined vocal, analytical and committed person.

The whole vaishya community, to which he belonged, felt outraged and so declared him an outcast.

His voyage across the sea to London was regarded as the flagrant violation of the orthodox and traditional Hindu tenets being in practice for many thousand years.

After his father’s death he sailed from Bombay to London to study law so that he could become diwan of a princely State in Gujarat.

The voyage was nothing short of a revolutionary step for him because for a traditional family of Gandhi it was a sort of sacrilege.Spiritually, he grew in stature rapidly and found his self-confidence and moorings.During these great formative days, he studied Gita besides Ruskin’s “Unto This Last”.Then he went to South Africa in April 1893 to help a distant relation in legal matters.His long stay in Africa proved a blessing in disguise and really a turning point.Similarly, when his father was dying, he was busy enjoying sex with his wife Kasturba Gandhi.When he came to know about the death of his father he was overwhelmed with a sense of shock and remorse.He set up Phoenix Farm near Durban and continued his experiments with truth and soul-searching.He studied the Bible, Henry Thoreau’s essay on Civil Disobedience and the works of Tolstoy.It was just a chance that a friend had given him Ruskin’s book to browse as he travelled on a board to Dublin from Johannesburg in 1904.He resolved to renounce wealth and materialistic possessions to become a true Karma yogi.


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