Masters Thesis Evaluation Matrix

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It must also be clear that the student has a good understanding of the literature.

Research: Adequacy of research design, consistent interpretation and competent execution must be demonstrated.

It is crucial that the thesis retains a focus on the stated research problem and the proposed argument.

It should develop a clear sense of core arguments, establish their relationship to the question or research problem being posed, and sustain a focused development of the argument throughout the thesis.

Students in the International Development Program (IDP) must write a thesis (quantitative essay) of at least 25 pages including tables, equations and figures. An IDP student thesis generally corresponds to an academic journal article.

Masters Thesis Evaluation Matrix 2009 Common Application Essay Prompts

The text of a thesis in the Public Management and Policy Analysis Program (PMPP) should have more than 8,000 words (about 30 pages) excluding preliminaries (e.g., title, abstract, table of contents, and list of tables) and references (e.g., glossary and appendices).Only the members of the committee may be present during the post-examination session.In the oral examination, the student may be questioned on any aspect of the thesis and will be asked to elaborate upon or defend issues arising from the literature review and the research plan contained in the thesis.The purpose of the thesis is to give evidence of a student’s abilities in collecting and evaluating information, critically analyzing theories in the chosen area of inquiry, and constructing, testing and defending a coherent argument.The thesis should also demonstrate a student’s ability to present research results concisely and in a scholarly form.It must pursue analysis in addition to description, and the production of a line of reasoning going beyond mere reading and a descriptive account of data (where relevant).In other words, the thesis must present a coherently organized argument.It is essential that a distinguished thesis takes up an independent position in relation to the relevant literature on the topic.The thesis must clearly demonstrate a depth and breadth beyond merely a literature review to establish a clear relation between the literature and the research, drawing conclusions and making connections not immediately evident in the existing literature itself.The thesis should be at a high level of originality and should examine a problem in depth.It must be written in English and the literary presentation must be satisfactory.


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