Mccarthy Crucible Essay

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Arthur Miller was born in Harlem, New York in 1915.

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Both of these were lies, so it led the community to be very dishonest and not trustworthy (9).

Above all this, people started to accuse people in order to get their land and possessions.

The Salem Witch Trials were quite similar to the Red Scare, even though they were hundreds of years apart.

The witch hunt started from a seemingly silly situation, but it led to people getting scared.

of that guilt residing in Salem which the hysteria merely unleashed, but did not create.” In the Spring of 1952, Arthur Miller traveled to Salem to learn about and viscerally connect to the truth of the story he wished to tell.

For days on end, he sat in the courthouse reading the old transcripts of the trial.

Despite this, he went on to go to the University of Michigan, where he started writing. The play describes the horror and chaos of the Salem Witch Trials. The people of Salem had a lot of grudges against one another, and they used the witch hunt to get after their enemies. It was the time of the Red Scare and a huge fear of communism in the United States.

He took courses under well-known playwright professor Kenneth Rowe. Miller’s writing career did not achieve much success at the start. He compared the Red Scare with the Salem Witch Trials in the play, and how intolerance can be greatly exaggerated (2). While it could be argued that this was fair, they were also blamed for the deaths in the Korean War (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg).

These people were then looked at as and many of them lost their jobs because they were accused of supporting communism with little or no backing evidence.

Miller wrote his play about the Salem Witch Trials, and compared it to the Red Scare and Mc Carthyism.


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