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The Individual Generic Skills Test was developed by faculty members of a private medical school in Mexico to assess the disposition of higher education students on diverse instrumental competencies.

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The findings suggest that selected items have both homogeneity and validity.

The factor analysis resulted in components that were associated with three problem-solving subcategories.

It is an excellent teaching procedure but is also helpful in maintaining the correct perspective in the patient's program.a system of diagnosis that starts off with the cardinal sign presented by the patient and proceeds in steps to identify the body system involved, the part of the system affected, the nature of the lesion and the cause of the basis of clinical veterinary (and most other) education; learning diagnosis by practicing resolving clinical problems—the essential problem being 'which disease is most likely to be the cause of the syndrome presented by this patient'.

process is fairly straightforward, with limited opportunity for updating the problem schema, such that mental effort is mainly invested in manipulating operations to change initial states toward some target state.

court states that such a court seeks to 'address the underlying problems of individual litigants, the social problems of communities [and] the structural and operational problems of a fractured justice system.

Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Avenida Morones Prieto 3000 Pte., Colonia Los Doctores, 64710 Monterrey, NL, Mexico Received 30 April 2014; Revised 14 July 2014; Accepted 24 July 2014; Published 18 August 2014Academic Editor: James J.Brokaw Copyright © 2014 Silvia Lizett Olivares-Olivares and Mildred Vanessa López-Cabrera.This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.In general, the ability to solve problems includes an inquiring process that incorporates the details of an undesired situation to select the most suitable solution.Williams and Reid [8] state that the mental process required to solve a problem includes understanding the problem, describing its context, and identifying the decisions to be analyzed.Medical schools are committed to both students and society to develop capabilities required to succeed in health care environments.Present diagnosis and treatment methods become obsolete faster, demanding that medical schools incorporate competency-based education to keep pace with future demands.The students’ perceptions are higher in the pattern recognition and application of general strategies for problem solving subcategories of the Problem solving disposition model.Training medical students is a long and complex process: it requires the assimilation of knowledge, development of attitudes, and the acquisition of values and skills.This study was conducted to assess the problem solving disposition of medical students.A three-subcategory model of the skill is proposed.


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