Merits And Demerits Of Internet Essay In English

The Whole World and every possible option are available on the Internet. The man has got rid of many unwanted and unnecessary things and procedures that made man’s work impossible.

The billion dollars business of the world is being done through the Internet. The man has removed the possibility of things to be impossible on the other hand, it has opened new horizons of Imagination and creation.

In other Words, we can say that the Internet has been the key to unlock the door to the global village.

It is a proven fact that internet has emerged within no time and developed itself into a window to the World in a wink.

The Internet has become a necessity of modern life.

The means of communication how quick they may be, cannot compete with the facilities offered by the Internet. One computer can be a typist, play station, cinema, telephone, fax machine, television, tape-recorder, and even a teacher.The different websites that run into millions offer information in the sciences, arts, religions, education, commerce, industry, agriculture, governments, law and almost every topic or subject under the sun.The use of the Internet, thus, promotes the communication of all sorts of information and knowledge in different societies and countries.It has, without any doubt, added new color and beauty and proportion to the world.The Internet is a network (a group of computers that can communicate with each other) connecting millions of other computer networks in the world.It is made up of networks of official and educational institutions, commercial and social organizations and governments and private agencies.Historically, the US Defence Department in 1969 started the use of a computer network to help its workers to exchange their ideas and messages on it. It is full of amazingly beautiful and fascinating natural and man created things.Since time immemorial man has beautified the globe with his God-gifted faculty of brain and imagination.It offers everything to everyone every time and everywhere around the globe.A person can communicate, interact, talk and debate with anyone anywhere in the world.


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