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Myth There once was a god named Perculus, he was one of the three lost gods that were destroyed by Zeus.

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This just shows how Native Americans continued their myths on how the world was created.

The Iroquois creation myth and Genesis are a key factor to how they connect to each other. the Norton Anthology of American Literature received January 25, 2019 from!

But little did Zeus know Perculus had become good friends with Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty), and Aphrodite was wondering where he was. There she found Perculus, Diminutive and Gargantuan tied to a ship being prepared to be exiled.

When she went to ask Hades where Perculus went, he panicked and made up a ridiculous lie. She then untied them and she then had them explain what was going on.

There was concern about Hades and Zeus but not to the point of panicking.

After a week the three gods decided to check on Zeus and Hades, but little did they know that they too were scheming a plan to reverse the reign of power.

Each moral was created differently, but these two have the same morals to what each story means.

The way that the world works is that some myths connect religiously, but also culturally.

Form there she obviously sided with the three gods.

Diminutive and Gargantuan ran away to an unknown place but Aphrodite and Perculus got revenge by taking away most of Zeus education and diminishing the love life for Hades, both acts preformed by the gods.


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