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If Harvard is Classical Military Theory, Improv is Vietnam. The Harvard guys check the logic and grammatical construction of every joke, and the improvisers teach them how to be human. (I guess if you want to tie all my metaphors together it would be Spock wearing a baldric and staying up all night to write a talk-show sketch with a mentally ravaged Rambo Kirk.)I have tried to apply this lesson when hiring people for “30 Rock,” and it has worked well so far. You look tired.” You may want to be diligent and stay up with the writers all night, but if you’re going to be on the show you can’t.This is all to say that Harvard boys and people from Second City or the Groundlings (the L. Our current staff makeup is four Harvard nerds, four performers turned writers, two regular nerds, and two dirtbags.(5) Television is a visual medium. Your street cred with the staff won’t help anybody if you look like a cadaver on camera.(6) Don’t make any big decisions right after the season ends.Everyone in every department wants to show off his or her skills and contribute creatively to the show, which is a blessing.

Then it transitioned to Sullen Teen-Age Girl and Generous Stepfather, then to Mr. I’ve learned many things from Lorne—in particular, a managerial style that was the opposite of my usual Bossypants mode.

A TV show comprises many departments—costumes, props, talent, graphics, set dressing, transportation.

About an hour into the wait, some assistants started making popcorn in a movie-theatre popcorn machine—something that I would later learn signalled Lorne’s imminent arrival. If I answered now, would it count as talking over him?

To this day, the smell of fresh popcorn causes me to experience stress, hunger, and sketch ideas for John Goodman. I couldn’t remember how normal human speech patterns worked.

“Flenderson’s Poverty Barrels: Replacing Clothes Despite Being More Expensive Since . If you’re sitting in the Harvard Lampoon Castle with your friends, you can perfect a piece of writing so that it is exactly what you want and you can avoid the feeling of red-hot flop sweat—especially because you won’t even be there when someone reads it.

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But when you’re improvising eight shows a week in front of drunk, meat-eating Chicagoans you experience highs and lows.You will be heckled, or, worse, you will hear your heartbeat over the audience’s silence.You will be bombing so hard that you will be able to hear a lady in the back putting her gum in a napkin.The only advice anyone had given me about meeting with Lorne was “Whatever you do, don’t finish his sentences.” A Chicago actress I knew had apparently made that mistake, and she believed it had cost her the job. Another five seconds went by, and still no more sentence from Lorne. ” And I would have to reply, “He said, ‘So, you’re from,’ and then we sat there for an hour and then a girl came in and asked me to leave.”After what was probably, realistically, ten seconds, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I blurted out, “Pennsylvania.So, when I was finally ushered into his office, I sat down, determined not to blow it. I’m from Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia,” just as Lorne finally finished his thought—“Chicago.” I was sure I had blown it. I could never have guessed that in a few years I’d be sitting in that office at two, three, four in the morning, thinking, If this meeting doesn’t end soon, I’m going to kill this Canadian bastard. During my nine years at “Saturday Night Live,” my relationship with Lorne transitioned from Terrified Pupil and Reluctant Teacher, to Small-Town Girl and Streetwise Madam Showing Her the Ropes, to Annie and Daddy Warbucks (touring company), to a bond of mutual respect and friendship. (Not the one where I’m being chased by Count Chocula.) I flew to New York from Chicago, where I was working as a performer at Second City, to interview for a writing position at “Saturday Night Live.” It seemed promising, because I’d heard that the show was looking to diversify.Only in comedy, by the way, does an obedient white girl from the suburbs count as diversity.And then sometimes actors have what they call “ideas.” Usually, this involves the actor talking more, or, in the case of a more experienced actor, sitting more.When an actor has an idea, it’s very important to get to the core reason behind it.(2) Figure out if there is something you’re asking the actor to do that’s making him or her uncomfortable.This is something Lorne has said often about “Saturday Night Live,” but it’s a great lesson in not being too precious about your writing.You have to try your hardest to be at the top of your game and improve every joke until the last possible second, but then you have to let it go.


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