Oedipus Rex Blindness Thesis

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A messenger says, 'What followed; snatching from her dress gold pins/Wherewith she was adorned, he lifted them,/And smote the nerves of his own eyeballs, saying/Something like this--that they should see no more/Evils like those he had endured or wrought.' Therefore, eyes with vision represent ignorant pride, while blinded eyes represent knowledge. I,/Being enraged, strike him who jostled me.' We know that these two crossroads were actually one and the same.Another symbol featured in Oedipus's story is the crossroads. When you're standing at a crossroads, physically or metaphorically, you have a decision to make: which road will you take? Besides representing an important choice, crossroads as symbols also represent fate: do you have a choice in which road you pick, or is it fate? It was here that Oedipus fulfilled both his prophecy and King Laius's, his father.These clues that Oedipus overlooked all contributed to the proof that he was blind to the facts of his life.

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It is described in the play, stating that “He tore off the brooches CO and lifting them high dashed them on his own eyeballs CLC he struck his eyes again and yet again With the brooches.

It is ironic that in the end, Oedipus ends up being literally blind, because throughout the story, the audience is focused on the aspect of Oedipus being mentally blind about his past.

As it has been proven through this essay, the theme of blindness in the story of Oedipus is shown through the blind prophet, through Oedipus blindness in realizing the truth, and through Oedipus himself becoming blind at the end of the story.

Finally, it all clicked when the herdsman came and confirmed that Oedipus was in fact the child of Alias, and that is when he realizes that the oracle’s predictions were correct.

One would think that after a few hints that Oedipus would put the pieces together ND realize the truth, however that is not the case.


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