Organizing Thoughts For Essays

The number, length, and order of these sentences are frequently disputed among these scholars, but the unity of thought remains a constant.Maintaining a single idea per paragraph allows the writer to address that idea thoroughly, creating a firm foundation for the central argument of the paper.Taking the time to prepare well-constructed paragraphs that are organized logically within the framework of your paper will be widely appreciated by both your readers and the reviewers. While a poorly-written paragraph can obscure the presented ideas and make it difficult for the reader to follow the author’s logic and main points, a well-written paragraph presents the author’s ideas in a clear and comprehensive manner.In this situation, the paragraph can be organized into two (or sometimes more) paragraphs, each with a topic sentence that has a more reasonable scope based on the available supporting evidence.Ideally, your readers should be able to quickly identify the main ideas and scope of your paper simply by reading every topic sentence.Restating the main point of the paragraph in the last sentence ensures that the reader has a clear understanding of the author’s interpretation of the supporting evidence presented in the body of the paragraph.Constructing effective paragraphs can be challenging due to the effort involved in planning the overall structure of each unit.In our example, the information provided in the supporting sentences (sentences 2-6) explains to the reader why mice are good model organisms for studying biological processes and medical conditions.The supporting evidence includes information about why mice are easy to raise, how easy it is to control their living environments, and the genetic advantages to using mice as model organisms for translational studies of human disease processes.If a paragraph is written well, its main message can be understood without the need for preceding or following material.Paragraphs that are well designed can help a writer construct an argument in stages and can be thought of as “signposts” to guide a reader through the argument.


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