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(I paraphrase in places.) The original story is from the Popol Vuh: . In their descent to Xibalba, Hunahpu and Xbalanque successfully pass rivers of pus and blood and other deadly obstacles until they come to the crossroads.Here Hunahpu plucks out a hair from his shin and creates a mosquito to spy on the lords of Hell.Choose TWO primary sources from the class materials for the first 5 weeks of the course.

Xbalanque strikes the head so hard that it bounces out of the court and into the woods.

At that same time, the rabbit bounds away, shaking the branches and confusing the death gods, who mistake the rabbit for the ball and follow it.

The twins take advantage of this diversion to retrieve the head and swap it for the squash.

When the death gods return, the twins throw the squash into the court.

The twins cleverly place red macaw feathers on the torches and fireflies on the cigars to make them seem as if they are burning.

At dawn the unburned fire brands and cigars are as new.

But they tell their friend rabbit to wait in the trees outside the ballcourt.

The death gods begin the game by throwing out the real head of Hunahpu to serve as the new ball.

However, the particular differences within each of the two societies contribute to very different details in these two stories.

The Rig Veda and Popol Vuh describe the creation of the world differently, especially the creation of human beings, because the Aryans and Mayans had differing views of the relationship between human beings and the universe, the role of religion in society, and the social structure of their societies.


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