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Below is an actual data sufficiency type question that a Mc Kinsey Partner in the Los Angeles office asked me when I interviewed there for my final round.Volvo recently ran an advertisement that said: Volvo - The Safest Car in the United States* a Assess the validity of this statement, you have 3 - 5 minutes to do so.

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The course of such simulated patient cases depends on user choices.

Patient simulations have been popular and effective but difficult to develop.

To test this, I'd need to know how many accidents involve Volvos compared with other cars -- especially in comparison to their relative market shares.

5) Mileage - Perhaps Volvos are driven less often for shorter distances than cars from other manufacturers.

Zaroukian, two new cases per month, 24 cases per series; requires e-mail and Internet connection, Internet Explorer 4.×/5.× or Netscape Navigator 4.×, 800x600 screen resolution recommended; $50 per series, ISBN 0-943126-91-6, Philadelphia, Pa, American College of Physicians–American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP-ASIM), 1999 ( demo:

Developing practical clinical problem-solving skills is an important professional endeavor for health care providers.3) # passengers in the car - Perhaps single people drive Volvo's so there's only one person in the car, compared to say a Toyota which is perhaps a family car which perhaps carries more passengers.So maybe when a Volvo crashes it kills the 1 person in the car more OFTEN, but in other car brands people die LESS OFTEN, but there are MORE passengers.If Volvo's are driven less often, for fewer miles, then it's possible Volvos have less time a risk of being in an accident -- so it's possible the car is actually more dangerous, but used less.To test this, I'd need to know how many miles per year the average Volvo is driven compared to other car brands.You are NOT permitted to ask any clarifying questions. BEFORE you look at the answer below (I know it's tempting), I strongly recommend you try ANSWERING the question yourself first.Write your answer down then look at my answer below.But it's possible the passenger died later or suffered severe injury.Now assume that a safer car really is one where fewer people die in it, the next concerns I have are: 2) # cars on the road - Perhaps Volvo has FEWER cars on the road and you'd expect them to have FEWER deaths in their cars because of it.This is certainly something that is tested during a live, in-person, face-to-face case interview.It is also a skill that is often tested in a variety of formats including written tests before the first in-person case interview question is asked.


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