Pyrolysis Of Biomass Thesis

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Combustion is a thermochemical process used for the production of heat, which consists of a chemical reaction in which a fuel is oxidised, and a large amount of energy is released in the form of heat (exothermic reaction).

Pyrolysis is a thermal decomposition process which takes place in the absence of oxygen [19,20].

Currently, fossil fuels are the main source of energy because of their high calorific values, good anti-knocking properties, and high heating values; meanwhile, reserves are limited.

Therefore, the development of alternative energy resources can lower the depletion of fossil fuel by reducing their consumption [5,6,7].

However, it is imperative that in producing biomass for energy we practice careful land use.

Combustion is the simplest method of producing heat from biomass, using either the traditional fixed-bed combustion on a grate or the fluidized-bed and suspended combustion techniques now being developed.

Biomass is a promising sustainable and renewable energy source, due to its high diversity of sources, and as it is profusely obtainable everywhere in the world.

It is the third most important fuel source used to generate electricity and for thermal applications, as 50% of the global population depends on biomass.

In combustion and gasification processes, the first step is pyrolysis, followed by total or partial oxidation of primary products.

Gasification is the process of generating electricity by applying heat to organic material in the presence of less oxygen.


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