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If you enjoy solving puzzles that include the use of technology to help people in meaningful ways every day, you may want to consider earning a bachelor of science in radiology technology.As technology continues to develop, radiologists' ability to uncover medical solutions to diseases increases.

Technicians prepare patients by explaining each step of the medical imaging process.

They also play an important role in assuaging the anxieties of patients who may be concerned about the procedure.

After instructing patients to remove jewelry, clothing or other items that could interfere with the equipment, radiology technicians position them correctly and protect them from overexposure, for example by covering parts of the body not being filmed with lead aprons.

Occasionally they inject barium- and iodine-based contrast agents to improve image quality.

The current median annual wage for radiologic technologists is $57,450, according to the U. Hospitals and diagnostic laboratories generally pay higher levels of compensation than physicians’ offices.

Technicians with certification to handle more equipment and machines are paid more generously than those who do not have additional training and experience.

Radiology tech salaries also vary depending on geographical location and employer type.

For example, radiology tech jobs in metropolitan areas and medical diagnostic laboratories often pay higher salaries than radiology tech jobs in rural areas and physician’s offices.

Many online programs offer asynchronous coursework, wherein students complete coursework whenever they have time as long as it is before the submission dates.

Asynchronous learning also allows students to engage with classmates and professors through group work, discussion boards, and email.


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