Realpolitik Vs Human Rights Essay

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There were charges of hypocrisy, double standards, messianism, cultural imperialism, racism, as well as accusations that the U. was undermining anticommunist allies and scuttling détente.Despite premature obituaries, the repeated resurrections of the human rights campaign demonstrated both the continuity of the administration’s concern, as well as the underlying vitality of the issue.Every time a leader caters to pleas of supposed morality, it ends up with the ruin of the leader and thus the state simply because of the inherent fact that promises, especially if they’re based on the principle of love, are absolutely meaningless and, as Machiavelli proclaimed, can be broken at any time that is to their advantage.

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Since their proclamation of the “inalienable” rights of man in 1776, Americans have generally agreed that their country must serve as a beacon of human rights to an unregenerate world.

Disagreement has always turned on the question of how America is to execute her mission.

His “war…of every man against every man” is what mankind would find itself in if the power of the state did not sustain civilization.

Without a leader capable of effective leadership, then the whole of man would descend in chaos, death, and suffering.

He need not fear vice because if it is in the name of the safety and security of the state then the citizens will come to thank him later.

Realpolitik Vs Human Rights Essay

When dealing with matters relating to the affairs of foreign governments, the same policy that is used on the home front is to be utilized in the same fashion.The brilliant father of Realpolitik, Niccoló Machiavelli, made a famous proclamation in his work, The Prince, that, “it is far better to be feared than to be loved if you cannot have both” (Machiavelli 54). Only very rarely is that ubiquitous rule ever broken.The brief reign of Julius Caesar is the only one that comes to mind.Turning his attention to the Carter human rights policy, Schlesinger traces its immediate roots to a widespread disaffection with Realpolitik in foreign policy during the Kissinger years.However, soon after President Carter affirmed that “our commitment to human rights must be absolute,” this new emphasis in foreign policy drew numerous criticisms—many recalling those of Senator Hale a century earlier.In opposition to realpolitik is the Just War Theory, which tend to blur the lines between what is morally just and what is pragmatic, leading to policies that only serve to worsen the nation and the people.It is preferable to balance both self-interest and morality, but at the end of the day, self-interest, and thus realpolitik, can ensure a state’s survival.For all its vulnerabilities, the policy encouraged fighters for freedom around the globe and helped secure the release of political prisoners in countries such as South Korea, Brazil, and Cuba.It has also placed the burden within the American government upon those who wish to embrace despots and has significantly altered the world’s view of the U. as a rampant capitalist power bent on global hegemony. Schlesinger’s view, therefore, the Carter human rights policy must stand as a qualified success, but as a success nonetheless.In a world of competing interests, where a loyal ally today can be a mortal enemy tomorrow, it is of the utmost necessity to ensure that a strong state leads its citizens through the struggles of everyday life.Only through the strength of the state can a people be secure in their everyday lives.


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