Reflective Essay On Personal And Professional Development

It requires playing the different roles a teacher must perform whenever is needed and required by our learners, identify our pupils needs and preferences, respecting their integrity and individuality but influencing and motivating them to improve themselves and become independent.

Currently I am teaching adults in a business environment, though it has not always been like this. to interchange ideas and clarify doubts or issues I have.

I had gone to different colleges and University's looking for an institute that would help me grow in different ways not just fill my head with knowledge that some day I wouldn't need.

The London Institute LCP represented culture and from that I felt I could learn, from the students just as much as from the lecturers.

Watching the DVD clip parent workshop inspired me to invite parents to join in our story sessions and translate the stories.

This proved to be a successful method to engage children with English as an additional language (EAL).

The local authority can take weeks or months to provide relevant support for such children, and until that time we have to deal with the issue which can be challenging.

Introduction Personal & Professional Development Assignment 3: Reflective Diary Nehat Krasniqi, BAMA Year 1 26/01/2003 Background Deciding to peruse a career in Marketing has been a goal ever science I stared studying business, I found that Marketing interests me more than other business subjects such as Finance or Accounting simply because I don't really like numbers.

We had carried out an exercise, on working with other members of a team according to the exercise I work better as an individual, but the I wait in agony to find out the result of the marketing environment assignment to prove the exercise wrong.

Problems I havent had any major problems toward my progression, I might some times feel that I could go at a faster pass� in learning, and feel that some of the topics that are covered in Creativity & Communication are not relevant to our course.


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