Religion And Modernity Essay

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There are three forms of secularization: privatization of religion, social differentiation, and the decline of religion.According to secularization theory, as contemporary society advances, it will become more secular and religion will in turn become hollow.

Popular modernization theorists such as Daniel Bell and Karl Marx have asserted that the result of economic development is persistent cultural changes.With regard to secularization, secular simply means without religion.Individuals who are non-religious live secular lives.Although the influence of Christianity in formal ways in public life is less that it previously was, it is still apparent.The presence of prayers in the English Parliament, church legislation passed by parliament, exercise of patronage by the Lord Chancellor reveals that religion is still very much tangled in British national life.This demonstrates that the Christian religion is largely part of British national life.The afro mentioned can also be observed at the local level.Secularization theory is a sociology theory that argues that religion retreats when the society advances in modernity.Scientific and intellectual developments have undermined the supernatural, paranormal, spiritual and superstitious ideas on which religion relies for its authenticity.Secular government runs along humanistic and rational lines. People, who make up the government, have the freedom to whatever religion they want, as is the population.In a multi cultural world, because of this freedom, there is a requirement for authorities not to cause divisions by identifying itself with a certain religion.


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