Religion Vs Politics Essay

Religion Vs Politics Essay-79
But the opposition parties exploit religion and theocratic States established in Pakistan and Iran encouraged fundamentalism all over the world.

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Religion encourages fanaticism and suspends our reasoning power and we repose full faith in leaders.

We are prepared to make sacri­fice because sacrifice will be considered martyrdom.

Religious places are used for political propaganda and the religious sentiments of the people are excited in order to gain political control of the State.

This emer­gence of religion-political party has threatened the secular character of India.

The essays selected here for translation derive largely from Thomasius’s work on Staatskirchenrecht, or the political jurisprudence of church law.

These works, originating as disputations, theses, and pamphlets, were direct interventions in the unresolved issue of the political role of religion in Brandenburg-Prussia, a state in which a Calvinist dynasty ruled over a largely Lutheran population and nobility as well as a significant Catholic minority.

Till the attitude of the people is changed, and till they rise above the petty considerations it is not possible to keep religion and politics apart.

By keeping them independent of each other, we can retain democratic set-up.

This material is put online to further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc. 2007] Essays on church, state, and politics/Christian Thomasius; edited, translated, and with an introduction by Ian Hunter, Thomas Ahnert, and Frank Grunert. cm.—(Natural law and enlightenment classics) Includes index.

Unless otherwise stated in the Copyright Information section above, this material may be used freely for educational and academic purposes. 5 4 3 2 1 Frontispiece: Portrait of Christian Thomasius by Johann Christian Heinrich Sporleder (1754), oil. Christian Thomasius’s principal contributions to the public life of early modern Protestant Germany were made in his roles as a political jurist and engaged commentator on religious and political affairs, although he was also a noted educational reformer and moral philosopher.


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