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Others are aluminum, zinc, silver, copper and gold (Robinson, 2010).Nanotechnology projects continue to channel out a wide range of applications at a very high rate (Dang, Zhang, Fan, Chen, & C. This exponential growth rate is evident from the number of patent applications.The properties of nanomaterials may be characterized in terms of size, shape, crystallinity, light absorption and scattering, chemical composition, surface area, assembly structure, surface structure, as well as surface charge.

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Nanoparticles are also being engineered to be used to enhance drug biodistribution and delivery to target sites in the body.

This approach seeks to deliver drug agents to affected sites without damaging the healthy cells.

Nanotechnology is an emerging technology which is developing at an exponential rate.

The technology utilizes novel characteristics of materials that are exhibited only at nanoscale level.

It is also equally critical to set up necessary control legislations and benchmark standards to control research and commercial application of this emerging technology.

The last half of the last century witnessed the technological world going “micro” evidenced by microdevices and microparticles.As nanotechnology gains widespread application in various disciplines, it is imperative to understand its potential effects.This is important for its long terms sustainability.Already, a surface functionalized iron oxide nanoparticle is being used in modern imaging technologies such as magnetomotive imaging.This type of imaging is comparatively powerful and is expected to improve disease diagnosis significantly.The Potential of nanotechnology to solve hitherto “unsolvable” problems by conventional technologies has attracted the attention of government and commercial corporations with diverse interests.Billions of dollars for research and development continue to be channeled to nanotechnology projects all over the world.The potential of nanotechnology appears limitless as can be shown by the number of areas where it is already being applied.This field encompasses pharmaceutical and medical nanotechnology.However, from the start of 21 century, the “micro” is poised to give way to the “Nano”.Nanotechnology is an emerging technology that is offering promises of breakthroughs cutting across multiple subjects such as medicine, food industry, energy sector and environmental remediation to mention a few.


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