Restorative Justice Reflection Essay

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as a 'restorative practice' - for example positive affective statements and groups / circles to acknowledge and praise good behaviour). Download the full paper by Ted Wachtel, My Three Decades of Using Restorative Practices with Delinquent and At-Risk Youth: Theory, Practice and Research Outcomes, November 2009 2.

The continuum is described as follows, starting with informal and moving towards formal responses:[2] 1. [Negative] “You really hurt my feelings when you act like that. Sample project descriptions for restorative justice The document here provides a brief summary of 3 sample restorative justice models from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and a range of other restorative justice examples from the UK and other countries.

Many schools are turning to restorative approaches also known as restorative practice to create a harmonious learning environment where pupils are able to self-regulate their own behaviour and learning.

Restorative approaches have been found very effective in improving behaviour and learning in both a primary and secondary setting where implemented as a whole school approach.

Writing Prompt: Describe a memorable example of when you or someone you know was disciplined at school.

Was everyone given the chance to tell his or her story? What would you say to the teachers or school administrators involved about how the situation was handled? 9-10.2 for Reading: Informational Text.* *This standard applies to other grade levels. Evaluation Rubric The essays below were selected as winners for the Spring 2014 Student Writing Competition. The ideas, structure, and writing style of these essays may provide inspiration for your own students' writing—and an excellent platform for analysis and discussion.

Reflection Paper 1 (Module/Week 1) I believe that Natural Laws should be the determining factor of what is just and moral regarding man made laws.

Any rational person can distinguish right from wrong, but there are those who cannot and therefore that’s where man made laws come in hand.

For example there are several Islamic laws discriminating against women.

There are laws that require them to cover their faces when out in public, and there is a law that if a man kidnaps and rapes his victim, if he agrees to marry her that he will not be punished by the legal system.


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