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The road construction on the major interstates adds to lane closures and distractions to motorists.

The road construction on the major interstates adds to lane closures and distractions to motorists.

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Anger can be very quick, powerful, reactive, and can make us do things we typically wouldn’t do.

There is nothing inherently wrong with anger as an emotion, but nowhere is anger less helpful, more common, and potentially more dangerous than when we are behind the wheel of a car. There are, of course, extreme examples of violence and assaults on the roads that end up in the courts, hospitals, and the media.

Driving can be stressful, but feeling angry when behind the wheel could lead to aggressive driving, distracted driving or even an accident.

It happens a lot: One survey found that nearly 80 percent of drivers expressed significant anger or aggression behind the wheel at least once over the course of the prior year.

Why are these drivers turning their anger and frustrations into road rage and what solutions can we find to stop this road rage?

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Some say that one of the main causes of aggressive driving which usually leads to road rage is highway congestion. Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.It matters little what causes it; a bad day at the office or a fight with the parents.All it takes is a sudden movement of someone else's wheels, and within seconds a normally mild mannered motorist is consumed with that red eyed anger that grabs more of us every day.The consequences can be serious: Aggressive driving played a role in 56 percent of fatal crashes over a five-year period, according to one analysis.Here’s what to know about road rage, including tips on staying calm and what to do when confronted with an aggressive driver.Driving anger and the illusion of control are a dangerous combination.On the one hand, a person who is angry and holds the belief they are in control of the situation is more likely to drive in a risky and aggressive fashion.A driver may make a momentary error of judgment but the perception of another driver is that he or she is driving aggressively.Then suddenly it turns into World War III on the highway.


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