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After all, the STEM field encompasses multiple disciplines: environmental research, neurobiology, astrophysics, robotics, computer science, and much more.And all of these have a profound influence on our society. Neurobiology poses difficult questions like: does each brain hemisphere have the potential for developing its separate consciousness? Essays covering ethical issues within science often have this subtitle: “Boon or curse?Their mutual impact is one of the primary subjects of STS.

But one closer look at regular stuff around us reveals a ton of possible science and technology topics. How do you like “The physical properties of standard baseball bats and their effect on ball velocity? Here is an article from The Guardian: "More than just luck: the science behind Tom Brady's preposterous longevity." When it comes to writing about the importance of science and technology in our daily life, all it takes is a good look around you.

For instance, sports we watch on a daily basis are filled with science. We are surrounded by marvelous inventions that we are used to. Here it is: Now that we looked at some achievements from the past, let’s explore several of the most up-to-date innovations that can be described in your essays on science and technology: 1.

Voice-commanded robot wheelchair (that will bring you to any location stored in its memory) 2.

Mobile video communication from any mountaintop (a rather useful technique for reporters) 3. Computers that can determine your age just by looking at your face 5. You can always find more ideas for essays on space on our website.

The main requirements for scientific essays—which are presented just down below—can help you create a great qualitative scientific essay in English. Then be extremely attentive so that you won’t miss anything while reading the general principles of essay writing presented below: 1.

Reference authoritative works Scientific essays should be based on one or more scientific articles.

Here’s the thing: Science, daily advanced little by little, provides us with multiple topics.

Sure, it’s always fascinating to ruminate on sci-fi ideas.

That’s what Science and Technology Studies are all about.

And the importance of science essays for STS can’t be stressed enough.


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