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Every month I saw him with a new book, and this is the reason behind his powerful words.Whenever he learns something new from books, he tells me and increases my knowledge.

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Rahul is very sympathetic to the poor and helps them.

I like Rahul very much because he is intelligent as well as a good player. He has pleasing manners, sweet words and a cheerful face.

As we grew up in the same environment, our mentality is almost the same. During the competitions of speech and writing, John always shows the distinction.

But unfortunately, he does not show the same performance in studies. But his parents are satisfied with his performance.

We get along with each other because he makes me smile and we have fun together. Best Friends Forever (BFF) I have got a such an amazing, nice, adorable, beautiful, stunning, kind, helpful, awesome, incredible, brilliant, great, excellent, gorgeous, crazy, friendly, funny, lovely best friend.

She has got blond hair and she wears purple glasses. We get on well because we laugh a lot and we respect each other, I never argue with her. “The 7 Qualities of a Good Friend.” Tips on Life and Love, 19 Oct. Writing this type of essay provides solid training to sharpen your critical thinking skills, as well as your ability to develop and express opinions ... “Why We Click With Our Best Friends Right From the Start.” In a reflective essay, you need to express your thoughts and emotions about certain events or phenomena.John is a hard-working student and shows an excellent performance in studies and sports. Even today, in the age of technology, man needs a companion to help in life and to share the feelings.I also got such a companion, and I call him my Best friend. There is a need of a person who stands with us in difficult times and is delighted in pleasant moments.Among these many friends (write the name of your friend, e.g., John) is my best friend. John is blessed with the power of speech and writing.He is not only of my age but my class fellow as well. His Father is a famous lawyer, and his mother is a house-wife. Their excellent instruction made a profound impact on John. He is very eloquent in words and laconic in writing.I have also many friends but I like Rahul the most. He has proved helpful when there was a need for help. Make sure to check other Amazing Essays in Essay Section. My Best Friend’s name is (write name of your Best friend, i.e., John, Ali, Kumar etc). John and I live in the same block and also study in the same institute. Although we saw each thing differently, we understand each other very well. Besides being efficient in studies, John is also very active in sports. From the ancient times, the main aim of man was to live in Groups.John and I are getting an education from the same institute. This companionship between humans leads to societies.


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