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If you still see duplicate contact values, it’s possible the name you’ve set up for the contact in your personal Smartsheet Contacts does not match the name they’ve associated with their Personal Profile.See Manage Contacts in the My Smartsheet Contacts List and Manage Your Personal Profile to ensure the name in your contacts matches the name on their profile.

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As you create new tasks, they can be assigned to users on your account.

In addition, you can re-assign existing tasks as needed.

You will occasionally see duplicate contacts when you type a name or email address into a cell.

To remove names or email addresses from the contact list, remove them from the preferred contact values and other cells in the column.

The assignee will get notified instantly and the task's border color will change to show you're not assigned with it anymore - though you remain subscribed to it.

You are still Subscribed to that task so you get notified when someone who has access to this task comments on it or marks it has completed.

Similarly, Task Lists can be assigned to one user, but individual Tasks inside that list can be assigned to separate users.

Assigning an Individual Task Template Assigning a Task List To assign an individual Task Template to a Firm User, Contact or Matter, go to "Tasks" then "Lists"; and click on the list name that you want to assign.

For example, with an Approval Request, you'll want to ensure that only one person, such as the manager, approves each step in the process to ensure multiple contacts do not overwrite each other's approvals.

TIPS: If you start typing a name or email address and aren't seeing the contact list autosuggest, then your contact list doesn't include a contact matching what you've typed.


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