Tattoos On The Heart Essay

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This family’s story may be considered old news but we believe this is a dialogue worth continuing, because unsurprisingly, we’ve not resolved the challenges faced by our community that the story brought to light.

To name just a few, we as a country still do not value the importance of parenting enough to ensure affordable access to childcare or to insist upon paid maternity leave.

From the perspective of a human services agency, it is heart-rending to know that there are community services that could have helped this family, but the navigation to the services was simply unknown or not understood — a gap felt more acutely by immigrants, non-English speakers and persons with disabilities.

One of those programs that may have helped is Catholic Family Center’s Adult Mentoring program which is being implemented by CFC and its community partners, Action for a Better Community and The Community Place of Greater Rochester, as part of a broader community-wide effort, the Rochester Monroe Anti-poverty Initiative.

A few weeks ago, a story about a couple who left their children unsupervised while they worked their maintenance jobs hit the news.

For about a week this provided fodder for office hallway debates and social media comment pages ranging from moralizing admonishment to sympathetic perspectives.

And if that action has any chance of being successful it must be grounded in compassion for those who work but frequently struggle with unexpected setbacks and everyone else in our community who are struggling to find the best solutions.

Marlene Bessette is president and CEO of Catholic Family Center.

At the time I was so convinced that I would make this relationship with this guy work.

You take a shot of Jameson and then the pickle juice. You’re fucked up, which is how I felt about this whole fucking relationship of this guy tattooed on my body. [I thought] I should get my name, but I know my name.


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