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His physical description is that of an attractive adult male. Stanley is described as holding an air of ‘animal joy’ about him – this illuminates his beastly idiosyncrasies and possibly suggests the manner he treats Stella is both petroleum and inhumane. every bit much as the audience can anticipate from a adult male such as Stanley.He is described as a adult male who is really much representative of the full male species of human and really normal in that he loves ‘good nutrient and drink and games. his radio’ Williams concludes his description of Stanley with mention to Stanley’s attitude towards adult females saying clearly that he is a adult male who Judgess on expressions ‘with sexual mention. This could propose that Stanley finds Blanche attractive.

The term ‘blue’ is frequently used to depict unhappiness within person. where mainstream wind was born – the bluish piano could be declarative of the town’s wind roots and hence an disposed manner for Williams to depict the ambiance for the scene.

Playing blues on the piano could bespeak a sad stoping for the drama.

Stella’s reaction to Blanche shows that possibly Stella is used to her sisters wonts and is used to being somewhat overshadowed by Blanche.

It is besides clear that Stella has been trained from a really early age on how to maintain her sister happy which is seen through Williams’ descriptions ‘dutifully: they haven’t slipped one atom. happy in the status she lives in and it is all of a sudden obviously to the audience that she means it and her love of Stanley must be really strong in order for her to prefer her current province of life to her old which is unmistakably a munificent place called Belle Reve.

Stanley in scene one is introduced as a adult male about 30 old ages old. His idiolect suggests that he was born and bred in America. but has some 1950’s slang so that he isnt peculiarly good spoken and possibly has a peculiar speech pattern as he doesn’t rather pronounce all his T’s ‘My clothes’re stickin’ to me’ . It shows the audience he is a adult male a batch of adult females would desire.

‘roughly dressed’ – this gives him a really common air. Williams’ long character description of Stanley subsequently on in the first scene gives the audience an penetration into Stanley’s life before the scene. Williams’ continues on to depict Stanley’s attitude to adult females being much like ‘a amply feathered male bird among hens’ suggesting that Stanley’s experience with adult females is extended and that he is no alien to the attending of a female.Her reaction to Stanley’s wild mode is about unconcern in a manner that signifies it is usual for her to be treated in such a manner.This suggests a tolerance in Stella 2nd to none and possibly a love for her hubby excessively deep she doesn’t even notice the manner he doesn’t attention much about her.’ Stella says in response to Blanche’s anxiousness of her expressions. Williams farther accents Stella’s love for Stanley through Stella explicating how she feels when Stanley leaves – how she breaks down when he eventually comes place.Stella’s idiolect is much like Blanche’s nevertheless it is somewhat less Southern bespeaking the clip they have spent off from each other.The ‘blue piano’ is introduced here and is used throughout the scene.It is clearly an of import portion to the drama as a whole and is used to put the tone for the town.Stella in the first scene is foremost introduced when Stanley throws the meat bundle at her.Williams makes it clear that she is a ‘gentle adult female about 25 and of a background evidently rather different from her husband’s’ .Williams’ begins the scene with a description of New Orleans’ Elysian Fields ; the town in which it is set.It seems old and somewhat hapless which begs the audience to inquire the inquiry ‘why? The subdivision is described as holding a ‘raffish charm’ unlike most other American metropoliss – Williams uses this to propose a more insouciant life style in Elysian Fields.


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