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You should pick a thesis that is specific and can be supported by your sources.Your thesis should be expressed in a way that can be proven either true or false.

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Your topic sentence should be short and direct, so your reader gets the point.

For example, evaluate these: "The Catholic Church's sale of indulgences factored greatly into the arguments of the Protestant Reformation." This is a stronger topic sentence than the following approach: "The Catholic Church, a 1,500-year-old institution, began selling indulgences in the Middle Ages, which factored greatly into the arguments of Protestant reformers such as Martin Luther." Secondary information can be included elsewhere in your paper; placing it in your topic sentence distracts your reader.

If you were writing a paper based on the topic sentence above, for example, you might begin your introduction with two or three sentences describing the state of the Catholic Church and the practice of selling indulgences at the time of the Protestant Reformation.

In addition to introducing and defining your thesis, use the introduction to summarize the key evidence that supports it.

For example, compare the following theses: "Increasing poverty leads to an increase in crime." This is too general of a statement, the ideas are too broad to be proved or disproved with specific information.

"In the 1970s, New York City's increasing poverty led to an increase in crime." By narrowing your thesis to a specific time and place, you have made an argument you can prove or disprove using the information found in your research.Note what this information contributes to your paper and the order in which you want to present it.You should also determine how you will analyze the information you have drawn from your sources.Fortunately, converting paper documents to PDF files isn't difficult.All you need is a scanner and Adobe Acrobat or another software program that generates PDFs.If your scanner has a document feeder, you can convert multiple pages to PDF at once.If you don't have a scanner or all-in-one printer, don't worry. If you already have an all-in-one printer/scanner unit, it probably came with everything you need to use it with your computer to scan documents to PDF format.In some cases, you can include an overview in your topic sentence.In more sophisticated arguments, you may wish to add some sentences to indicate to readers what kinds of support they can expect to read ahead.All of the leading printer manufacturers produce all-in-one units.Check the documentation that came with your device.


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