The Art And Craft Of Mathematical Problem Solving

The Art And Craft Of Mathematical Problem Solving-30
You need to set up a problem-solving routine, some workplace, a lucky pen, and then you should keep to your routine to get your mind in a relaxed state.

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A corollary of wishful thinking is a very sensible idea, which I just call the “make it easier” strategy. If your problem is too hard, just make it easier by removing the hard part.

Either make the size smaller or remove an element that makes it hard.

There is an inspiring article that highlights thinking outside of the box when it comes to solving problems.

The article compares a gifted class of middle school students with a remedial sort of vocational class, the article was measuring the creativity of the students.

The more you do this, the more you’ll get into a state of investigative, purposeful contemplation, and the more powerful your mind will get.

Learn more about the psychological aspects of problem solving Let’s look at a tool made famous by Carl Gauss.

Breaking rules is a good thing when we’re not talking about actual cruelty to animals here.

We’re just talking about thinking outside the box or breaking mathematical rules.

For example, if it involves square roots, remove them temporarily.

What you should keep in mind is strategy and tactic is what makes someone a good problem solver, not the tools.


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